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Easy Painless Computer Recycling – 20, 30, 40

Do you have an old PC (laptop, desktop, all-in-one) where you want to get rid of it but don't want the bad guys to get at the data that it holds?  If you drop your computer off at SOHO Office and prepay the one of the following items per device, I will provide you the…
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Exciting News from Adam Freedman and SOHO Office

As some of you have let me know, my Dunwoody PC emails and blog posts have not gone out as frequently as you've liked. I've been waiting for some big news to drop and finally I have something exciting to tell you about and if you make it to the bottom of the email, a…
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Annual Dunwoody Electronics Recycling Event

Time to empty out the closets. The City of Dunwoody will be accepting computers, computer accessories, CRT monitors, CRT televisions, console/plasma/projection TVs, printers, fax machines, circuit boards, copiers, phones/cell phones, stereos/VCR/CD-players, networking equipment and small household appliances. When: Sunday, October 4, 2017 (2-5pm) Where: St. Luke's Presbyterian Church (1978 Mt. Vernon Road) Pre-registration is required.
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Changes Coming to AT&T and Bellsouth – What Does It Mean For You?

Changes are coming to those of you who use either an AT&T or Bellsouth email address.  If you only use AT&T for internet service, this does not apply to you. For several years, AT&T has had Yahoo handle their email environment. That is changing.  Yahoo aka "We only got hacked two times and we're begrudgingly…
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A friend of mine is trying to prove me wrong. I said that people don't concern themselves with security until they are hacked. People use the same password for everything. Password sheets look like kindergarten writing tablets. People go on a river cruise and get so desperate to check email to see if their best…
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I'm sure you've all heard about the "Crypto" virus that was sweeping everywhere east of JFK International airport a few weeks back. A few of you reached out to me and said "Why me?!?!" I've been unusually silent on my concerns and here's why. I don't think with that particular variant there's much of a…
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Severe Weather in Metro Atlanta – Computers Off!

Unless you need to have your desktop computers and printers on for a reason today, turn them off. You might want to unplug them. A lightning strike nearby will go right through a surge protector or even a UPS. If you can work with a laptop, tablet or phone, do that. Really bad weather today…
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Two Common Computer Scams

Don't Fall For The Scams! Good evening. I want to make you aware of two scams going around that you may come across. Firstly, if you get a pop up on your computer that says that you are infected and that you have viruses, don't believe them. It's fake. Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. Did…
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Can’t Get Internet (Mail/Web) with Windows 10 as of this week?

If you're getting an error in Windows 10 that you don't have a valid IP Configuration, don't waste your time calling AT&T or Comcast. It's not them. Windows 10 released an update bug to their operating system this week. I have seemed to figure out how to fix it. If you can't follow what I'm…
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