You are so welcome!  I told him about you when he was having computer problems and using Geek Squad… told him he really needed to call you! And, likewise, he sent me an email thanking me for sending him to you…. he said….  I would still be waiting for Geek Squad to call back.  The best service he performs is acting as interpreter with the company geeks.  I could go on, but he is quick, knowledgeable and honest.  Thanks again.

Anne W., Dunwoody

Just wanted to tell you that I checked my password for Outlook & put the current one in & its working fine. thanks for trouble shooting on the phone with me.

Judy W., Dunwoody

Took 3 doz pics @ parade - woman's & car club. Downloaded, formated card.Skillfully applied fingers lost all. About to commit suicide by OD on M&Ms when I remembers Carbonite - which you suggested. Recovered all. Ate bag of M&Ms anyway to celebrate.  Proves you're good for something!  Thanks again for great service.

Richard F., Sandy Springs

I told him you can fix anything about the computer.  You are a computer wiz Rock Star!!

Julie A., Dunwoody