Carbonite Online Backup

I try to only recommend products that I use myself.  After several near-death backup experiences at my clients, I need to share how the Freedman Family World HQ backs up their data.  We use Carbonite. (Basic.  $59/year per computer).  It runs all the time and backs up the data to a secure location in the cloud.  External hard drives fail.  If you have an 'Act of G-d' at your home or business, would the firemen say "Ok, Mrs. Johnson, which external hard drive has all your kid's pictures, the silver one?  I'll be right back."  Nope.  It's gone.   Put it in the cloud.  Finally, after 11 years, I have official become a Carbonite reseller.  If you buy from me, I will have visibility into your backup to help make sure that everything is working properly.  You can order through my page at  If you'd like me to add your subscription to my portal (which I think is possible and it doesn't cost you anything) so that I can make sure it's working OK, please email me your account email address for Carbonite and I will try to figure out how to do it.

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