Monthly Archives: August 2012

How to Buy a Laptop…and How to Save your Work

While typing this entry, Microsoft Word froze up and I lost it all. What I have to occasionally relearn is to SAVE OFTEN especially as you’re working on documents. I do get that question often “my son was working all night on his term paper, never saved once and the computer died.  How do I…
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The Power of Facebook and Twitter

I hear from a lot of people they don’t want to be a part of social media, that it’s a waste of time. I agree to an extent. For example, I trimmed back my personal Facebook account from 200+ people to basically just family members. Facebook is a great way to post a family happening…
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How a Computer Techie Got Hacked

Mat Honan is a senior writer at Wired Magazine, one of the preeminent journals of technology. You would think someone in his field would be ‘hacker proof’. He was, with a combination of hacking and exploitation of telephone support security policies. What happened to Mat could happen to anyone and everyone. Apple and Amazon have…
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