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Windows Defender Fake Emails

This is to let you know that you may get an email that directs you to call an 833 (1-800) number to talk to someone about Windows Defender renewals. It is FAKE. Do not call, write, etc. This was forwarded to me from two customers today. If you have any problems, please email me, thanks!
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Happy Scam Day

Every day I get a call or email (or text, Facebook message, tweet, DM on Nextdoor... I thought this technology thing was supposed to make things easier!) where the person lets common sense go out the window and needs my advice to not be technically savvy but help them understand there's a scam happening and…
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FAKE Virus Warnings – Do not fall for this SCAM!

The following picture is not a virus that snuck by your antivirus program.  You've clicked on a hyperlink and all of a sudden this pops up and your screen is frozen.  I admit, it's scary.  But, it's also very, very fake. Do not call the number.  Do not let strange people on your computer.  Do…
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