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Support For Your Small Business IT Needs

For the past 11 years, over a thousand families have counted on me to be their Residential/SOHO (Small Office/Home Office) technology expert.  Often I have been asked to also support their small businesses. I have always declined, because in order to properly support small businesses, I would have to employ a team of experienced individuals…
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iYogi and other Authorized Experts

I have two clients that have been basically misdirected by purported experts iYogi after paying a maintenance contract fee in the hundreds of dollars. One user was locked out of his email as he had forgotten his gmail account password. iYogi had him reset his router and modem. Really? I didn’t know they were related.…
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Dunwoody PC Top 10 List

Top 10 Important Dunwoody PC Quick Concepts Kids should not have laptops, just like kids can not be trusted with spaceships. Know your wireless passwords, I don’t. Know your email passwords, I don’t. Macs are not infallible. A PC does not need to be fixed to get the data from it for another PC. Keep…
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