Monthly Archives: May 2018

Windows 10 – Another Big Update

Starting April 30th, Microsoft has been rolling out a big Windows 10-1803 update.  This is one of those hour + long updates that won't be fun if you're trying to shut down in a hurry.  You will need to do it. It adds a slew of fixes, enhancements and obviously, parts that weren't broken before…
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I heard you bought a store. What is a SOHO Office?

Back in December I bought a retail print shop called SOHO Office.  We are located next Lauderhill's in the Orchard Park Kroger shopping center around the corner from Los Rancheros.  We print everything from business cards to banners including invitations, signs, auction paddles (ok, just once, but it will be a donation for the Dunwoody…
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Easy Painless Computer Recycling – 20, 30, 40

Do you have an old PC (laptop, desktop, all-in-one) where you want to get rid of it but don't want the bad guys to get at the data that it holds?  If you drop your computer off at SOHO Office and prepay the one of the following items per device, I will provide you the…
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