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Yahoo Hack and how it effects you.

As you have seen recently in the news, Yahoo just announced that about two years ago, their email systems were hacked.  Names, email addresses, passwords (with some level of internal encryption), dates of birth, the questions used to establish password resets that users set up (favorite restaurant, father's middle name, etc) were all compromised.  Credit card…
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AT&T/Yahoo E-Mail – Mass Hack or Epidemic of Annoying?

Every day it seems that I receive emails from clients with AT&T where their email has been hacked. I get a hyperlink to a web site and usually no subject in the subject line. Usually the email goes out to everyone in their web based contact list. Upon opening their email to survey the damage,…
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How a Computer Techie Got Hacked

Mat Honan is a senior writer at Wired Magazine, one of the preeminent journals of technology. You would think someone in his field would be ‘hacker proof’. He was, with a combination of hacking and exploitation of telephone support security policies. What happened to Mat could happen to anyone and everyone. Apple and Amazon have…
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