Happens to the best of us

I was screwing around with my computer today and messed it up. I had to reinstall XP Home from my recovery partition. I did the choice that said "Don't wipe my hard drive clean, but instead reinstall XP". It said that I would have to reinstall my applications to get everything working. I kept a log, just so that you can see what's involved when you do something really stupid.

1) installed firefox
2) installed firefox flash add-in
3) installed Office 2003 Student / Teacher and registered
4) installed iTunes and Quicktime
5) removed Norton Internet Security 2006
6) removed Easy Internet Signup
7) removed HP Web Helper
8) removed Netscape
9) installed AVG
10) installed FLV player
11) installed Canon MP830 drivers
12) installed Picasa
13) installed Outlook
14) removed weatherbug installer
15) removed My HP Games
16) removed quicken 2006
17) removed Rhapsody
18) removed Yahoo Toolbar for IE
19) removed realplayer
20) removed MSN, Outlook Express & Windows Messenger
21) repaired Microsoft Money 2006 OEM
22) repaired SyncBack
23) installed blackberry software

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