I heard you bought a store. What is a SOHO Office?

Back in December I bought a retail print shop called SOHO Office.  We are located next Lauderhill's in the Orchard Park Kroger shopping center around the corner from Los Rancheros.  We print everything from business cards to banners including invitations, signs, auction paddles (ok, just once, but it will be a donation for the Dunwoody Country Club Winship Cancer Auction next week) and more.  It's a great store and I'm excited about the opportunity to help it grow.  We are unique in that we have a graphic designer on staff just in case you need one.  Here's a small list of all we provide:

  • PRINTING - Business Cards, Envelopes, Letterhead, Signs, Invitations, Posters, Indoor and Outdoor Banners, Laminating, Binding, Coroplast and Styrene specialized printing
  • SHIPPING - Authorized UPS, FedEx, Post Office, International & Domestic
  • BUSINESS SERVICES - Graphic Layout & Design, Notary, Faxing, Scan to Emails, Shredding, Shared Office Space, CD/DVD replication
  • SUPPLIES - Envelopes, boxes, tubes, stamps, greeting cards, copy paper, packing materials, decorative shipping boxes and envelopes, flash drives, CDs and DVDs.

Stop by and visit.  We have coffee and candy.  I am occasionally there because we have fantastic employees that make it so that I don't need to be!

I am still doing home visits to fix things, but I am definitely going to leverage the store to meet clients there when I am there.  Just let me know which works better for you and we'll figure out the best place to meet.  Some stuff, like printers that won't print, networks, and desktop computers really should be worked on in their natural habitat for the best chance of success.  Wonky laptops are a perfect example of when to drop off/meet up at the store.

Another great use of the store for my computer business is to use our TV for a LUNCH and LEARN.  I am going to be hosting one coming up in the next week or so on STREAMING TV, which I am extremely knowledgeable, and I'd love to get a crowd there to talk about what options are out there and how you can save money and 'cut the cord'.  If you'd like more info on the lunch and learn, please reply back and I'll email you when I've got more information.