The Power of Facebook and Twitter

I hear from a lot of people they don’t want to be a part of social media, that it’s a waste of time. I agree to an extent.

For example, I trimmed back my personal Facebook account from 200+ people to basically just family members. Facebook is a great way to post a family happening and have it immediately be distributed out to a select group of people that you’ve allowed. I hardly use Twitter, usually only for looking up realtime sports information.

A perfect example of how both can work well in my business happened a few days ago when AT&T email hiccuped. If you were trying to access your email from Outlook or MacMail where POP/SMTP communications is necessary, you would have gotten an authentication error. There was no problem with your system. I received a few phone calls, went onto Twitter, saw a bunch of people posting about the issue with AT&T. I went to my business Facebook page (which is separately maintained at and announced to my 285 followers the situation, immediately. I didn’t have to go back to my house, compose an email, do a mass mailing, monitor the feedback, etc. Twitter and Facebook made that happen. If you have a Facebook account and you haven’t liked my Facebook page, please do so for immediate updates on events.