Scams To Watch Out For

The first scam is a television ad / radio ad campaign for It also goes by other names such as,, etc. It is a sales pitch by a company called Cyberdefender that has a few third rate registry cleaning tools. If you want to clean your registry, which will speed up your computer, but can also cause irreversible damage to Windows if it doesn’t do it correctly, I recommend ccleaner. You can go to and click on recommendations and download ccleaner. Ccleaner is free for non-commercial use. Once you install, you can click a button that safely analyzes and cleans the registry. Always create a backup before you remove any information as a caution.

The second scam is not so much a scam as a mattress sales pitch. Vision Computers does a ton of radio ads for $499 computer specials. When you listen to the specifications, they are not very impressive. An 80 gig hard drive? Really? A 15” inch LCD screen? Tremendous! Really, what they are trained to do is get you in for the $499 special and once they hit you with the sales pitch, you leave the store with a $1,500 computer that leaves your head spinning and your wallet empty. They also pitch “US Based Tech Support” Who cares where you are located as long as you’re properly trained.