Tax Free Holidays are mostly a feel good political scam.

Tax Free? No Thanks - I am getting a ton of questions because of the upcoming tax free holiday and my advice is if you don't need to buy a computer, don't buy one just because you save 6-7% (tax). I can think of positive things to do this weekend, and standing on line at Costco, an Office Supply store or an Electronics Box pusher is not one of them. If you play your cards right and buy off of the internet, you can save tax EVERY time, not just on these special days. Remember, if a retailer knows that you're all in a frenzy regarding saving tax, they might not discount the equipment as much as they normally would, so therefore the savings might not be as impressive. There will be deals so I will get the email “har har, Mr. Expert, you were wrong”. I get these emails after every tax free holiday and black Fridays. Usually though, the deals stink and only take advantage of the mob mentality of the shoppers. Stick to buying clothes and school supplies if you ask me. If you want a good deal on a computer, order online from companies like Tiger Direct or NewEgg, my favorite, where it’s always a tax free day.

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