Technology should be easy to a geek, right?

Ok, so I am in the market for a new DVD player that also streams Netflix that is also wireless. So, every blog/review/ancient Indian scroll says to buy the LG 570. It's a blu-ray player that streams and is wireless. So I buy one at BrandSmart. I take it home. It works great, connects up to my network wirelessly and wow, cool technology. Then it says, "Would you like to update the firmware?" As a big proponent of keeping my stuff up to date, I go ahead and do it. It says it applies it successfully and I say great, time to start streaming a 1980's classic B-movie (only funny if you understand the difference in content between regular DVD-in-the-mail netflix and their TBS circa 1995 streaming library.

Guess what? It stops seeing my network. So back to the store it goes. I decide to go to Best Buy to see what they have in their category. I find another LG 570 and take it home. Bam, same thing. OK, fine so I return it to Best Buy (and by the way, if you ever have to return something to Best Buy, give yourself 2 hours because they make you take it over to Geek Squad to approve the return and then go to regular customer service to return it. I do it and decide to get a Samsung 6500. Works great, and then I try to update it and bam, same thing. So my wife who I have been growling at for the whole time I am doing this says "why don't you plug it directly into the router and see if it resets it". I do, and it does. Wow. But now, 2 days later, it stops working again, says my MAC Address is all zeros. Guess what you are going back to the store to be replaced with a POS cheapie DVD player and a Roku box, which I should have done in the first place.

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