Two Common Computer Scams

Don't Fall For The Scams!

Good evening. I want to make you aware of two scams going around that you may come across.

Firstly, if you get a pop up on your computer that says that you are infected and that you have viruses, don't believe them. It's fake. Fake, fake, fake, fake, fake. Did I mention, not real? There's many ways to get rid of the message that has seemingly locked up your computer. The easiest way is to hold down the power button on your computer for 10 seconds until it shuts off.** Start it back up normally. That's it. Simple. No, I'm not a genius. Just been around the block a few times. Whatever you do, please... please... please... DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR COMPUTER. If you grant them access to your computer, they can do whatever the heck they want to and sometimes they will. For the most part, they are just wanting to fleece you out of a few hundred dollars of credit card charges for their services which you should be able to call your company and reverse. Credit card companies that do not acknowledge that you got scammed need to be traded in for credit card companies that are willing to protect your money. ** (For more experienced users, you can go into task manager and kill the process for your web browser and it will accomplish the same without the need to reboot.)

Secondly, if someone calls you, says they are with Microsoft or another tech company, says you have viruses on your computer, do you believe them? Not at all. These are fake telemarketing calls. Fake, fake, fake. DO NOT ARGUE WITH ME. Again, I'm not smarter than you, just more experienced at this. When you get a call, so do a bunch of other of my clients. And they all call me. It looks like Dunwoody, Sandy Springs and Brookhaven have been targeted by the offshore call centers to mess up your day. They will want to get on your computer, show you normal messages and tell you that you have problems and surprise, they can fix it for lots of money. Again, DO NOT LET THEM ON YOUR COMPUTER. Hang up on them. It will make you feel good.

Have a great evening!

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