Where to Buy a Computer

I need to re-rank my recommended places where you should buy a computer based on some recent experiences with the retailers in the Dunwoody area.

I like mail order with Dell, first and foremost. Why? You can configure your computer as much or as little as you want to. They've got some great deals like a bare bones laptop with XP for only $399 (prices change daily). You can easily get their Vostro line of laptops or desktops with XP installed and not VISTA.

I like Costco if you can deal with their limited selection of Vista computers. You do get a 90 day return policy but it's a pain to go there and only buy one item.

I like Office Depot but I find their main technical guy is very condescending to his customers. I remember asking him if he was excited for Vista and his response? "I don't care I like UNIX".

I like Fry's for selection, but I am not a fan of their death march checkout and their 'price depends on who you talk to' policy.

I don't like Vision Computers. They are trained like mattress salespeople. Go in for the $399 Neil Boortz special and leave with a $2,000 computer that you've been upsold to. Guys, computers are depreciating assets. Buy the cheapest one you're comfortable with. A laptop will last you 4 years, a desktop 6. Keep those #s in mind.

I don't like used computers. If you know how to shop for new computers and know where the deals are, you'll never buy used.

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