AT&T Outage in Dunwoody

If you're one of the unlucky ones, your AT&T Internet Service is out tonight.  I live in Meadowlake and my neighbors who use AT&T U-Verse (DSL level - maybe not the AT&T fiber folks but not sure) are out of service.  It's one of the few nights that it feels good to be a Comcast customer.  I was at another client on Manhassett Drive earlier and their service was out also.  A few people have called and gotten everything from "we will send a tech out on Saturday" to "we've got lines down and it's 24-48 hours to fix.".  Remember, it's not your computer, phone, etc, it's strictly their service.  There's usually two lights on their equipment that need to be solid green, BROADBAND and SERVICE.  (Sometimes there's a second BROADBAND light but that doesn't need to be working).  If these lights are not on, it is entirely a problem outside of your control.  And, if it was just you, I would say you didn't pay your bill, your equipment went bad, or the line has problems.  But, since your neighbors may be out also, I say we all meet up for a drink at Village Burger.

You can call AT&T at 1-800-288-2020 and have someone read a script to you.  I would suggest waiting until morning and then calling.

A neat web site to expedite the call should you want to try to get help is

Here's a link for AT&T U-Verse:

I will be updating information as I get it on my facebook page at: