Two Very Important Updates (Apple and AT&T/Bellsouth)

Apple Updates
Apple has released iOS 13 for your iPhone and will be releasing it for the iPad shortly.  DO NOT UPDATE TO iOS 13.  Apple loves to have it's customer base be final beta testers.  They are notorious for having a very buggy first release. Please wait for iOS 13.1 to arrive Tuesday, September 24th. Upgrade your devices at that point.

AT&T and Bellsouth Email Updates
Yahoo (using an email address ending in has sent out a mass email that if you don't make changes immediately, your emails will no longer work in some applications.   This looks like a request to add O-AUTH passwords to programs like Outlook, Windows Live Mail, and old versions of Mac Mail. It doesn't impact using a web browser or Windows Mail (Windows 10's built in program) and recently updated Apple or Android devices. My recommendation here is to not do anything and if it breaks, call me, because I assume that we've already done what we've needed to do here.