Dunwoody PC Top 10 List

Top 10 Important Dunwoody PC Quick Concepts

  1. Kids should not have laptops, just like kids can not be trusted with spaceships.
  2. Know your wireless passwords, I don’t.
  3. Know your email passwords, I don’t.
  4. Macs are not infallible.
  5. A PC does not need to be fixed to get the data from it for another PC.
  6. Keep your original CDs.
  7. Make sure if you can’t fix it, to not wait until the last minute to call your computer guy
  8. If an antivirus/antispyware tool pops up asking for money, there’s a really good chance it is the virus.
  9. A product or solution that I recommended a year ago may be outdated by 11 ½ months if you ask me again.
  10. Treat your computer guy with freshly ground coffee beans and maybe a doughnut, bagel or a muffin, especially if the appointment is before 9:30 am. He will appreciate it with much more efficient service. Just make sure he keeps the coffee away from your laptop.

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