iYogi and other Authorized Experts

I have two clients that have been basically misdirected by purported experts iYogi after paying a maintenance contract fee in the hundreds of dollars. One user was locked out of his email as he had forgotten his gmail account password. iYogi had him reset his router and modem. Really? I didn’t know they were related. He called me in a panic because he couldn’t get on the internet which usually happens when you reset networking equipment.

The second user lost wireless internet connectivity on their laptop. They were told their antivirus software was expired and that’s why. Really? So hitting Function-F2 on the keyboard SHOULDN’T HAVE WORKED?!?

Anyway, just because someone is authorized by another company to handle their support doesn’t mean that they know what they are doing.  Use common sense to think through what they are asking and don’t be afraid to question them.  If they start doing stuff via remote control access, write down what they are doing so that if someone has to undo it, they know where to start.

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