Easy Painless Computer Recycling – 20, 30, 40

Do you have an old PC (laptop, desktop, all-in-one) where you want to get rid of it but don't want the bad guys to get at the data that it holds?  If you drop your computer off at SOHO Office and prepay the one of the following items per device, I will provide you the following:

  • $20 to take everything apart and you get it all back - You will dispose of the computer and the hard drive, but it has been removed for you.
  • $30 to disassemble the PC and remove the hard drive and provide the hard drive back to you and I will dispose of the PC
  • $40 to disassemble the PC and remove and destroy the hard drive.  You get nothing back

If you want me to shred the hard drive, it will be professionally destroyed by ProShred of Georgia.  If you want me to recycle the computers, they will be taken to a company who will recycle them (not the DeKalb County landfill).