Electronics Recycling in Dunwoody and Sandy Springs Area

People ask me all the time where they can dispose of their old electronics. There’s a recycle center at Morgan Falls in Sandy Springs that I used to exclusively recommend, but now Goodwill in Dunwoody takes equipment. They don’t charge for TVs and CRT monitors like most places. I dropped off a laundry basket full of stuff today and they were happy to do it. Goodwill is at 1165 Perimeter Center West, in Dunwoody. I don’t know if the satellite location in ‘East Dunwoody’ near East 48th Street and China Garden does the same thing. As always, should you want to dispose of a computer, REMOVE THE HARD DRIVE (where your data is stored) and keep or destroy it. Dunwoody PC charges $50/computer for each computer that you like us to remove the hard drive before you dispose of it, $75/computer if you want to us to get rid of everything.

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