A friend of mine is trying to prove me wrong. I said that people don't concern themselves with security until they are hacked. People use the same password for everything. Password sheets look like kindergarten writing tablets. People go on a river cruise and get so desperate to check email to see if their best friend from high school FWD: a email to them about how Ted Cruz and Donald Trump played squash in Des Moines, they will log onto to any computer, any hotspot, any internet cafe, regardless of security. Matt Lembright is trying to tell me that people need to be more vigilant but only if it wasn't such a pain to maintain their passwords, privacy, and general protection. He should know. His background is in US Army Cyber Security which he is taking that knowledge and applying to people we aren't trying to blow up. More info here: https://www.enabldsecurity.com/about.html

In his words, "ENABLD wants to hear your concerns and pain points if you are concerned about your online security/privacy but feel confused, overwhelmed, under-resourced, and frustrated trying to stay protected. ENABLD would like to take 30-45 minutes to conduct a short interview and will also offer free advice with any security improvements they can readily recommend and implement."