Passwords Drive Me Crazy!

Finally, I am starting to see a wave of websites use a secondary level of password security to help secure accounts. This concept called two-factor authentication, multi-factor authentication (collectively, called 2FA) works great. You try to log in on a new device and your phone or tablet will display a one-time code that you have to type in to complete the login process.

I am still not super happy that a bunch of you still use the same password for multiple accounts. Not every account can be secured via 2FA (I'm looking at you, Bellsouth email) and sometimes the implementation fails because the provider's infrastructure isn't ready to support it (I was looking at you, AT&T, but looks like you've mostly fixed it). Remember, if you write the password down, you can make it as simple or complex as want it to me. I use this format:

DATE:          ACCOUNT:          USER NAME:          PASSWORD:         

Also keep in mind that when you change your password to check your bill online or to confirm an appointment with AT&T or Comcast, that may also change your primary email password accidentally. So write them down so you don't have that problem!

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