Windows 7 – What’s Next?

By now if you're still running Windows 7, you've gotten all sorts of messages about upgrading to Windows 10. You need to. You're not going to be just susceptible to malware, you'll be susceptible to vulnerabilities in Windows 7. You can download Windows 10 for free. Go here:

Upgrading can be a pain. Here's your options:

  1. Upgrade your existing PC from Windows 7 to Windows 10. Can be done as a drop off or a while-u-wait. Or you can do it yourself. Just follow directions.
  2. Replace your existing PC with a computer running Windows 10 and start cleanly with a new install. - 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (both minimums)
  3. Replace your existing PC with a computer running Windows 10 and have your old computer migrated to the new one. - 8 GB RAM, 256 GB SSD (both minimums)
  4. Buy a Mac. Run the utility on the Mac to pull the data from Windows 7 to your new Mac. If you do get a Mac, you're never allowed to complain about my prices.
  5. Buy a yellow legal pad and one of those 4 color pens from Office Depot. Maybe jazz it up with a really sparkly clipboard. Never again worry about passwords, clouds (except dark ones with rain), SPAM (except the kind you fry up), and storage (except when you fill your basement with too much crap and you can't get find anything.)

Mac vs. Windows

Because I primarily work on PCs, you might think that I hate Mac. Not true. If cost wasn't a factor, I would probably have a bunch of them. But cost is always a factor unless you're a deroyaled Markle or MC Hammer in 1989.

We are having this debate at the Dunwoody PC Worldwide HQ and Uber Eats 30338 Delivery Point right now. My twins are going to college in August and will need laptops to take with them. I thought I had a great solution for them and got them Microsoft Surface Go bundles. They are 10" tablets with keyboard cases that run Windows 10. I bought them online from Costco so I didn't test them out until I got them. They have a flaw in that as you type on the keyboard, it's too small and your knuckles hit the screen and do all sorts of accidental things, so I sent them back.

I've been looking at other options like a Windows 10 laptop and a Mac laptop. The Windows laptops will be 1/2 the price of the Mac laptops and I am not sure if the Mac laptops would be worth it, but I don't want to be accused of not loving my children as much as other Dunwoody parents. My wife is lobbying for Macs. I'm lobbying for a winning lottery ticket and maybe when we go to Costco tomorrow, a $1.50 hot dog.

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