Recycle for United Cerebral Palsy

United Cerebral Palsy has partnered with BCS Recycling Specialists, enabling UCP to work with BCS to recycle laptops at a rate of $10 each and cell phones, Lexmark and HP Inkjets, and other PDAs at a rate of $2.50 each.

BCS provides collection boxes complete with the UCP logo and tagline and a prepaid FedEx Freight slip. So when the box is full, it's easy to send it in. BCS inventories the items and issues a payment to UCP National. 25% is kept by the national organization, with the remaining 75% being sent back to UCP of Georgia.

If you personally go through lots of inkjet cartridges, or you have a small business frequented by many people (dry cleaner, coffee shop, local lunch spot) and would like to support UCP of Georgia, let us know and we'll get recycle boxes coded for UCP of Georgia to you. (Laptop recycling is handled separately, so let us know specifically if you are interested in that.)

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