Windows 10 Migrations

January 14th is getting closer.  If you've got a Windows 7 computer and it's working well, you might want to try to upgrade your existing computer to Windows 10 and forego buying a new computer.  If you do the upgrade, everything on your computer stays as is; printers, files, emails, browsers (except for Internet Explorer, which is in Windows 10 but hidden away in the basement like a box of pictures from college).

If you want a drop off and upgrade service, give Peachtree Computers in Roswell a call at 770-649-8800. If you want me to come to your home and upgrade you while we discuss the finer things in life like Village Burgers and Village Idiots, I can arrange for that to happen. Or you can buy a new computer. Don't ask me what you'd buy because that would be like me asking you what car I need to buy, and I don't need your help to make a bad decision.

You can certainly have me be your computer purchasing escort at Costco (regular rates + 1 hot dog combo and maybe those häagen daaz like ice cream bars coated with chocolate and almonds), Best Buy, Office Depot or MicroCenter. Fry's will/should be out of business shortly so I would skip them.  (Too bad, since my surgery I need to get my steps in and a big empty store is perfect for that.)