AT&T U-Verse

AT&T U-Verse and the end of Fiber Optic Internet (FIOS) – There’s a lot of buzz in some neighborhoods because AT&T is starting to rework some street cabling for a service they will be offering called U-Verse. U-Verse will allow AT&T to directly compete (yes, here we go again all you Americast / Bellsouth Entertainment customers who have Lorenzo and Curtis on speed dial) with Comcast and the Satellite companies. They will be able to provide high definition signals over your existing phone lines. There’s a lot of speculation where and what features will be rolled out but I might be an early adopter of the technology and I will be sure to provide a full report!

The following information comes from Jon in Wynterhall today, one of the three Dunwoody neighborhoods who were ‘lucky’ enough to be part of the BellSouth Entertainment test area, AT&T (Bellsouth)’s last attempt at competing with Comcast.

“It's official. Cable service (the fiber optic coming into the house) goes away by June 23 and cable modems supposedly went away in March (though ours is still working.) I have two letters (one about cable modem that I never received but that they faxed to me today) and one about the cable tv service going away. Basically the new offering to soon to be former customers is go to DSL over the copper phone line.”

I talked with the AT&T sales rep at the store in Dunwoody. Uverse will require 5-7 hours to install from AT&T. Good luck.