Computer, Email, & Website Passwords

Don’t use the same password for your email that you use for anything else. Why? Guess what happens if someone hacks your email? They now have your password that they could (but probably won’t) try on other web sites. Several large websites have gotten hacked recently like Sony. If you use the same login for Sony that you use for Hotmail for example, as a hacker guess what I am going to try to do? Right. And don’t keep your passwords on scraps of paper. I know when I’m at a client and they start rifling through napkins on their desk for their wifi password that they have no idea where it is and we’re going to have to reset it.

People complain to me all the time about the passwords that they need to remember. Think about all the conveniences and advantages of online anytime access. I think it certainly trumps the pains of maintaining a password list. It’s like when I used to sell software to vendors to Wal-Mart and they used to complain about having to build and support the infra-structure to be able to do business with the world’s largest retailer.

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