Microsoft Security Essentials

MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS – If you remember, Microsoft has had a yearly subscription product for internet security called OneCare. Out of my 600+ customers, 2 have it, so you can’t really call it successful, unless you only interview those 2 people. Well, Microsoft has decided, smartly, to admit that it’s the fact that their operating system has security holes, and they would start giving away free antivirus and free antispyware software. I’ve replaced Windows Defender and Avast! Antivirus on my work laptop with Security Essentials to test the functionality. PC Magazine’s Neil Rubenking has said “Not bad, not great” He still recommends a program like AVG or Avast. If you want to try Microsoft’s free product, you can go to: and download it. It will check to see if you have a legitimate license for Windows. Keep in mind that no solution will give you the ability to surf with impunity but it’s better than nothing or an expired antivirus solution.

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