Not Just Personal Computers

OK, so Dunwoody “PC” was a bad business name.  PC is so circa 1981-2012. Now, in 2013, there are smart phones, smart TVs, smart cars, etc. And the smarter the equipment gets, the dumber we become trying to figure out how to get everything working together happily.

Well, my skills are much more than I can fix your (Windows) PC. I am trained on Mac and have worked with them since 1984 and my Mac 128K. I have 4 smart TVs that are either smart themselves or I have boxes that make them smart (ROKU, look it up, they are AWESOME). I also have the strongest networking router available for consumers, a POE extender for sending a signal through my electrical jack, and a range extender wireless signal booster for my upstairs.  I have an iPad, iPhone and I know Android operating systems also.  Of course I know Windows as well!

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