Problems with Vista x64 – Positives for Costco

Although not as scary as the previous topic, but more prevalent is Microsoft Vista x64 SP1. This is the latest and “greatest” (only using the word greatest because latest and “not as good as Windows XP” doesn’t rhyme) version that has hit the streets. When Vista first came out, it was built for a 32 bit processor and called Vista. Then Service Pack 1 came out. Then, Vista x64 Service Pack 1 which require updated drivers for the hardware in the computers. The problem arises when the drivers to support sound, video, etc are not fully x64 tested. I had a client in Wynterhall who every time he rebooted his brand new Costco HP Vista x64 computer, the sound drivers would cease to function until he reinstalled them, rebooted, and then he lost them again. This wasn’t Microsoft’s fault, it was Realtek, who made the faulty software drivers. That’s why I like Costco. 90 days no questions asked return policy, which he took full advantage of.