Should you get a mac?

Macintosh Negatives – I really like the Mac. In fact, I was fortunate enough to have a Macintosh in 1984 and loved it.

There are two huge negatives to switching to a Macintosh right now, 1 has to do with Blackberries and the other has to do with Activex. If you have a Blackberry phone, you will quickly notice that there is no good Blackberry software for the Mac. There is a program called PocketMac, and should you get it to work, you will amaze all of your friends as well as the staff here at Dunwoody PC. RIM is promising Blackberry Desktop Manager for the Mac soon and have been for some time now.

The second big problem with Mac is that they don’t support Activex, which is the programming/scripting language by Microsoft that powers certain web sites. I see problems among my realtor clients because FMLS requires Activex and won’t run in Safari or Firefox on a Mac. Microsoft used to support Internet Explorer for Mac but hasn’t in a few years. The Apple Store will tell you “Just run Bootcamp or Parallels – they will allow you to run Windows programs”. Yah. Then ask them if they’ve ever installed it themselves and they will give you the royal blow-off and use their genius brain to help someone else. Mac people don’t like Windows people and vice versa. Not me. I like both.

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