One of the benefits of having a mac is that if you get stuck, you can go to the Apple Store for some training, for $99/year (but of course, based on their marketing, no one should need that!). They can do this because they make the machines, the operating system, most of the software, etc.

In the Windows world, it’s a free-for-all. You might have a Dell Computer (or an HP, E-Machines, Acer, Toshiba, etc), running Windows 8 (or 7, Vista, XP, etc), and you check your email through Outlook 2010 (or XP, 2003, 2007, now 2013, or Windows Mail, Outlook Express, Windows Essentials Live Mail (2010, 2012, etc)). Basically, there’s a lot more things to learn, things to go wrong, and I haven’t even gotten to Word, Excel, Powerpoint yet! Oh yeah, Windows has SEVERAL different web browsers with several different interfaces you need to master!

So who do you call? I now have a few EXCELLENT resources for coming to your home and training you specifically on your issues, at your pace. How do you know when you need me verses when you need a trainer? If your question is “How Do I”, you need a trainer.  Everything else, a troubleshooter/repairman/logician (one who uses logic to fix stuff, I made up the word. Yes, you can use it, just put aside a few dollars when you do).  If you’d like a trainer to come to your home, send me an email and I will put the word out and get it arranged for you.