How to Un-Expire (Reregister) Avast!

AVAST EXPIRED WARNING – Avast!, the antivirus I’ve been installing for the past year or so, has to be registered yearly in order to continue to work. Some of you have started getting messages that it will expire in a certain number of days. DO NOT let it expire. Here’s what you do to make sure that you don’t expire, and by the way, IT IS STILL FREE AND YOU DO NOT NEED TO PAY FOR IT (see above should you want to switch to Microsoft’s new product).

  1. Right click on the spinning A (blue globe) in the bottom right icon bar
  2. Left click ABOUT AVAST!
  3. Left click LICENSE KEY in the bottom of the dialog box that popped up
  5. This will launch your web browser (AOL Explorer, Internet Explorer, Firefox, etc)
  6. Left click “My registration key expired, I need a new one”
  7. Fill out only email (two times), name, where the product is used (home), and the three letter security code at the bottom and hit REGISTER FOR FREE LICENSE
  8. They will send you an email to the email address you specified.
    In that email, there will be a code between two rows of ------------------------------------------------. Copy that code down either by using your mouse and copying it, or write it down.
  9. Go back to the Registration dialog window that had the Program Registration “Enter your license key” screen up. Paste or type into the dialog window and press OK