Windows 10 Update

Ok, you've all listened to me and requested Windows 10 and have resisted all urges to install it?  Right?  RIGHT?!?  Ok, well most of you have.  A few dared to cross me, ignoring my perceived brilliance.  Some of you have even emailed me with a "What do you really know, Adam?" tone when your upgrade went on without a (supposed) hitch.  No, I don't believe you.  I've been getting phone calls.  Emails.  Texts.  Facebook messages.  Snapchats, which is really weird because I don't have an account.  Trust me.  There have been lots and lots of upgrade problems.  Whenever you upgrade an operating system, there's always potential problems, from corrupted profiles, to drivers not working, to general "OK, great, I installed Windows 10, I just learned Windows 8.1 and this is DIFFERENT!".

So it's time to tell you, people who love FREE stuff, my real (ever-changing) opinion on the matter.  Do not upgrade to Windows 10.  You're running Windows 7 or 8.1 (Windows 8 people DO need to upgrade to Windows 8.1).  You know how to use it.  Why upgrade?  What is Windows 10 going to do for you?  Will it make the stock market go up?  (Only if you're Microsoft).  Will it cure cancer?  Will it track everything you do through a concept called Telemetry and be able to determine that you have certain data on your computer and then narc on you to your Mom when it finds bootleg One Direction albums?  (Hint:  YES IT CAN).

Now I'm not saying that Windows 10 is a bad operating system.  It's kind of cool.  If you have a touch screen, and a microphone, it's pretty dang neat.  There are utilities to dial back all the tracking insecurities.  I wouldn't shy away from buying a NEW computer with Windows 10.  Just not really feeling it for an existing environment.  And don't forget, I make money when things break.  (Bad model to tell you not to do something that will make me money, I know)   If you have Windows 8.1 and are longing for a start button, that's no reason to upgrade.  Go to and download a free start button.  It's awesome.